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We are a company
more than 30 years
expertise and
practical experience
in the field of
digital trainings

The Corona Pandemic has prompted many of our customers to call upon our widespread experience in the usage and implementation of digital and online media.
Therefore we are adapting our homepage to help you to find our digital services easier and faster. Until we finished we politely ask you to contact us by telephone or email to give us the opportunity to advise you personally.
Here an overview of our services
We support your activities through showing you
- how digital media is best applyed in online conference and education setting
- how to improve personal interaction as a means of
  encreasing success in schools and companies
- how to implement formative assessment in educational institutions
- how to implement and optimize Quality Management in companies
We are the leading provider for QM in further education and service businesses.
Online conferences and instruction
This sector encompasses
- how to deal with the negativ impact of digital media on the functionality of the brain
  important for all kind of online activities and therefore especially relevant for
  managers (conferring), teachers (schooling), trainers (further education)
- multimedia-based tutorising combining different media and cameras in one digital stream
- developing and applying selfstudy-courses (digital und analog)
- selecting hardware and software to support
   the online/digital activites of trainers/teachers
- to set up a studio (from mini up to professional) for freelancer and companies
- our guidelines for a professional demeanor in front of cameras
At the high-end level we cooperate with professional partners concering

- Hardware und Software
- Studiosettings
- Demeanor in front of cameras

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